The Haghe is one of the most impressive Dutch cities. As dutch architects we follow it's develloping very closely. In the spring of 2004, during a office brainstormsession an idea came up. We often have ideas for builings and various architecture concepts, but this one got hold of us. We discovered that the idea to design a underground congrescentre below the Malieveld for the city of The Hage could be a valuable idea that needed to be worked out.

At our own initiative we worked on this idea. No contractor or investor influenced us in any way and we kept our indpendance developing the idea focussing on the needs of The Hage. At the end of 2005 we decided to make a book to present and share the inspiring idea with you.

R4a/ Room for Architecture
Gert-Jan Borgman, Peter Jollie, Hans Klompenhouwer